As a Recruiter are you frustrated…
  • With seeing roles that you can work on but don’t have terms of business in place with that Employer?
  • That your fee % is the same for all Level of roles?
  • With working on roles that you just don’t understand or have the specialization in?
  • By giving away most of your commission?

All these frustrations are about to disappear – Sign up with Dawaami and become a Dawaamer!

You control who, how and when you work! And best of all you get to keep most of the Fee!

Dawaami the future of Recruitment!

Sign up now to become a Dawaamer

How it works?
  1. Sign up and Login – Remember to fill in a Full Profile! The more information you give the more likely an Employer will be willing to work with you.
  2. Search the Global Marketplace – To find Jobs that you believe you have the right candidates for or able to source effectively for!
  3. Bid on the Job – Either a fixed fee or % of the annual salary – remember try to be competitive you have other Dawaamers bidding as well – it’s a Market Place!
  4. If you win the Bid – Then a workspace opens with the Employer and you can now chat freely with the Hiring Manager, Upload CVs and work together to find the right Candidate.
  5. If your Candidate gets Hired – You will get an email from our accounts team asking to confirm Candidate Name, Start Date and Agreed Salary.
    The Hiring manager gets the same e-mail to double confirm.
  6. Review – We will ask you to review the Employer as this will help other Dawaamers understand about who they are going to be working with should they win future bids.
  7. Get Paid – Dawaami will collect all the Fees for you and as long as nothing goes wrong with your candidate you get 50% of your fee on the 61st Day and the other 50% on the 91st Day!
* Please review all our Terms & Conditions for more details.
How it Works for Dawaamers